Climbing out of the Hole

I don't think I am quite ready to write in full about this month, but I am trying to pick up as many normal things as possible and writing about my horse life is one of them.  A brief timeline of how sucky this month has been.

Sunday Jan 8 - Dutch unexpectedly dies in my arms.

Monday - We burry him and Uno is inconsolable. 

Tuesday - We pick up a buddy for Uno from a friend and I get the call that my uncle shot himself.

Friday Jan 13 - My dog gets out and gets hurt in the woods.

Sunday Jan 15 - I leave my husband with a pretty much unknown new horse and fly home to Wisconsin for the Memorial.  I get the usual return home depression - I would move up to my family TOMORROW if I had any hope that my Dad would follow.

My Aunt is amazing.

Friday Jan 20 - Fina Exams begin for students and I am so behind in my paperwork it hurts.


That all happened.  I know I am not functioning well and need to get back into regular therapy for a while, but at least life has finally calmed down a bit. 

On the horse front.  It has been hard.  I cannot really talk about Dutch because I do not have the words.  Uno thankfully bounced back once we brought home another horse. Although, he does terrorize the new boy some.  On Saturday I finally got some of my mojo back and rode for real and felt like myself again.

Sleepy boy has been my rock - but he is sure happy the new horse likes snuggles and he can go back to just getting his face stuffed with treats and none of this dumb hugging nonsense.


  1. I am so so sorry to hear about all you're going through. All these things are hard and when multiple things are happening at once it is so overwhelming and unbelievable. And easy to shut down. Please take care of yourself. Glad there is a new boy who likes snuggles!


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