Bucking, Therapy, and being an A$$hole

 So after we bucked our way to a 2nd place finish at our last HT (our next one is this weekend) we spent some time with our bodywork people and vet trying to figure it out.  Here are our conclusions:

He does still seem to like his job.

1. Uno is muscle sore throughout his whole backend. It seems to start in his hamstrings and then radiate tension up over his hindquarters and into his SI.

If you compare these images you can see that he has really chucked OUT

2. He loves his new massager and that plus stretching are helping but not eliminating the problems.

3. Robaxin and Equioxx are also helping but not eliminating the bucking.

He has no issues doing 4.5 miles in less than 50 on the pavement.

4. The bucking is only happing in 2 isolated scenarios

            Scenario 1: When he dumps on his forehand and tries to bolt in the gallop.

            Scenario 2: On the backside of the jump 2 -3 strides after trying to jerk the reins out of my hands.

5. In my last lesson he bucked and acted a fool until I put in an 8 or 10 meter circle after each jump. This eliminated the rein grab, which eliminated the bucking.

Looking serious in his kimberwick at the Championships several years ago.

Soooooooo. What do I take out of all this??? 

Well - firstly, jumping in a hackamore makes it too easy for him to jerk his head down and start this whole issue. So back to the kimberwick it is. Secondly, We are using the show to trail this turning strategy.  Instead of fighting for him to keep his head up, I bend his neck and turn every time he tries to use his head and neck to off-balance me.  And we already have follow up with the vet scheduled with the whole vet and body work team next week.

Because only jumping 2' does not diminish the joy he brings me, and he deserves to do that pain-free.


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